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Himalayan Bath Salt - 200g


Adding Himalayan salt to a bath creates a rejuvenating, detoxing, and relaxing at-home spa. The salt water carries the electrical charge of the salt, along with the dissolved minerals. A salt bath helps draw out toxins, deep cleanses the skin, and helps cleanse the body energetically.

Himalayan salt is a sustainable, natural product containing trace minerals that are also present in our bodies. The salt is mined by hand by skilled workers using traditional methods, so there's little to no pollution or waste byproducts from manufacturing.

Nag Champa Incense Stick Range


A fantastic way to enjoy these famous fragrances.

To improve any environment with the amazing aromas that these sticks provide, just light the end of the Incense Stick.
Once the end glows, blow out the flame and place in an Incense Holder.

Incense Sticks - Variety of Scents to choose from


These are top quality Tulasi incense sticks direct from Bangalore (India) packed in elegant hexagonal packets from the Sarathi Perfumery works. The fragrances of these sticks are absolutely wonderful and really well defined, just opening the packet releases a lovely aroma.

Each pack is individually designed and fully wrapped and sealed inside there packets for quality and freshness - with mouth watering images, these high quality incense sticks are one of the finest incense of India.
There are 20 incense sticks in each packet.
Burning Time Approximately 30 Minutes Per Stick
Sealed For Quality & Freshness

Tulasi Incense has been around for decades and is definitely worth the try. Whether you're looking for incense to help you relax or to some great home fragrances to create Tulasi Incense is undoubtedly a good choice.

Himalayan Salt Tealight


100% Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt. Natural tea light holder.
Variation in colour and shape due to the natural beauty of the salt.
Provides a warm glow from the candle when lit.

Weight 600 - 800g.


60cm Djembe


Buy this Djembe if you demand the very best. The pro Djembe series has our highest specification with extra rope, double rings and the finest natural skin. Attractively decorated, with carving and colour around both the base and stem of the drum this makes it a very desirable drum. Again, this djembe comes boxed with FREE protective hat. Design as shown.

pro series Djembe


The pro Djembe series has the highest specification with extra rope, double rings and the finest natural skin. Attractively decorated, with carving and colour around both the base and stem of the drum this makes it a very desirable drum. Each one come supplied with FREE protective hat. Available in two of our largest sizes 60cm and 50cm. Plenty of drum for your money! Design as shown.



This is a good sized Djembe. The entry series has everything that a beginner could require. Tough enough for schools and inexperienced drum students. Natural skin. Easy to tune and not too heavy to handle. Yet made in the finest drum factory in Asia for guaranteed good quality. Painted in African colours and styles this drum will become a treasured possession. Designs will vary.

30cm Djembe


The Jammer Djembe series is high quality with mid range pricing – great value. Stained wood with ethnic carving, colours and patterns will vary. Natural skin. See both sizes, suitable for all ages.

Small Djembe


Regardless of it's size, this fab little drum is made the traditional way by Guinean and Senegalese craftsmen. We've worked with these craftsman and provided a constant demand for their drums over the years a true testament to a great working relationship. They are more like family than suppliers! The drum shells are made from seasoned, dead wood, either wild mango or lenge...then they are rubbed with palm oil. The skins are goat. 18cm High 15cm dia Size will vary- slightly, due to the nature of the product

South American Instrument Set


All these instruments come from Peru and Chile: Cha-cha seed pod shakers (2); Sonajas from Cajamarquina (2); Ocarina (boxed); hand carved gourd maracca; panpipes (2); monkey drums (4); 50cm cactus rainstick; 25cm painted peruvian rainstick (bamboo); Coloured inca flute (2); guiro gourd, all presented in our Zulu bowl. NOW INCLUDES SOUTH AMERICAN MUSIC CD! Contents may vary slightly.

African Instrument Set


An unusual collection of 8 handcrafted instruments from Africa. Ju-ju shaker made from palm nuts 30cm, a woven straw Globe basket rattle 14cm. Stick shaker with colourful dyed gourd discs 40cm. Small gourd Cabassa with colourful net of beads 7cm x 15cm. Carved decorated Monkeydrum 9cm. Hosho maracca 22cm. Wooden Double ended clack 24cm, and a Red cane bone shaped rattle 25cm. NOW INCLUDES AFRICAN MUSIC CD! Due to the nature of these products size and colour may vary.

African shaker selection in a basket


A collection of 10 African shakers presented in a Zulu straw woven basket. Caxixi (ka-shee-shee) a hand woven reed basket rattle 20cm. Double caxixi two baskets joined together - double the sound 15cm. Fojo Shaker, a wooden shaped spoon with a decorated gourd 16cm. Cabassa a large gourd encased in a colourful net of beads 14 x 30cm. 2 Co-co shakers, dried calabash filled with seeds and decorated with Adinkra symbols 10cm dia. Sistrum rattle, a small tree branch, recycled bottle tops and colourful material a modern twist on an ancient shaker from east Africa 30cm. Cas-cas from Senegal two mini gourds joined by a cord of twisted material 5cm. 2 Kente maraccas dried Televi nuts threaded on a stick which is wrapped in local kente design cloth 28cm. Due to the nature of these products colours and sizes may vary.

African Basket


Thirteen authentic instruments all made in Africa contained in our Zulu basket: Hosho maracca (2); co-co shaker; caxixi; m'bira thumb piano; small djembe drum; rakatak (2);monkey drum (2); moroccan flute; gourd shaker; and coloured calabash: contents may vary slightly


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