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September News from Marrakech and Spain

Marrakech City Centre

September has been a very busy month for us. As well as opening our new outlet at The Boutique Village in Southampton we have been to the Trade Show in Birmingham to source new products for next year and both myself (Mike) and Chris have been sourcing new suppliers abroad.

Chris was busy sourcing New soap and aromatherapy suppliers in Spain whilst I was in Morocco finding suppliers for our new range of Ceramics, Woodware, Fossils and Incense Resins. Some of these products are available in our outlets at the moment and will be on our website from the New Year.

In the New Year we will be launching our own range of Aromatherapy Essential Oils which will be to the highest quality and as we always try to do will be sourced ethically and responsibly.

Now the confession time neither of us spent all the time working we both enjoyed the little break from our normal routine. I think I drew the short straw my hotel in Marrakech was a beautiful little riad, Dar Aida, within the city walls only 5 minutes walk from the souks but was dry, no alcohol. Chris of course did manage to partake of alcoholic beverages but does not remember much of what he did in his leisure time.

Marrakech on the other hand was a total assault on the senses, fragrances, food aromas, the shouting in the bazaars and vivid colour everywhere. I have to admit to developing a taste for camel burgers as well as the standard Moroccan dishes such as tagines.

We are going back to Morocco over the Christmas period to arrange delivery of all the new products and also meeting our shippers in Casablanca