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New shop - Christchurch Shopping Emporium

Buddha Stall - Gifts, Incense and Bali Instruments

We are now open!

We are glad to report that due to increasing demand we have steadily been expanding. As well as having our 13 market stalls, we now have 2 little retail units based in the new Christchurch Shopping Emporium.
This is a new style of shopping, where customers can browse a huge shopping centre neatly divided and managed by over a hundred independent retailers. What is great is that you shop from 100 retailers and you only pay once at the tills.
Grab yourself a coffee and cake, then grab a basket and fill it with a unique range of diverse products not to be found in big high street stores. You will love this shopping experience, different to anything you have ever seen before.

It's time to revive the independent retailer and bring back some uniqueness to our lives!

How does it work?
In a 'normal' retail situation, a big company will rent a big shop unit or warehouse (or build one!). They will pay staff minimum wage to stock the shelves with standard products sold all over shelves around the country. They are able to buy in bulk, stack them high and sell cheap. This has impacted independent small retailers over the years, and as a result we have seen small shops on the high street close and get boarded up.
With this new concept of shopping, small retailers put their money together being able to rent a bigger unit. They work together and share the space available, saving on rent, rates and saving on staff costs as they are all sharing a till system.
Only small retailers can rent floor space in the shopping centre and costs are divided up by the many retailers.

The benefits are that small retailers are able to compete with bigger retailers on space, costs and variety of stock as each section of the shopping centre is not managed by someone on minimum wage stacking the shelves, but by a variety of different retailers each with their own unique products and ideas.
What you get is a unique shopping centre with aisles that change their products constantly.

With such a diverse product range you will be sure to find something new everytime you visit us.

You will find us selling Buddha's large and small, Candles, Incense, Oil Burners, Essential Oils, Bathroom Products and Ornaments to name but a few, and you will find the other 100 retailers selling scarves, shabby chic, clothing, furniture, home-made, musical instruments, paintings, wool... etc etc. Come see and experience the variety for yourself!
Aria Crafts Stall Christchurch Emporium