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Not Tested on Animals

The Aria Crafts group was created with the ethos of selling ethical products and as a result we have committed early in the fight against animal testing. There is simply no need for it, if we can't test on ourselves or find willing volunteers then it's obviously not that essential to humanity.

We test neither our finished products or their ingredients on animals,
We do not use raw materials of animal origin.

In the 21st century we can see that there a lot of suffering in the world, and we wish for the world to become more beautiful and special. We have therefore decided to be a pioneer in the aromatherapy and home beauty industry to stop animal testing for finished products, and replace them with alternative methods (by only using 100% natural products or by testing on ex-husbands!)

The fight against animal suffering is and will remain a strong commitment for us.

All our products are free from SLS
Our products are also free from any parabens.

We ethically source all of our products, give our suppliers a fair price and consider ourselves to be fair trade.